Co-founder Yuval Koren

Yuval Koren


In a series of leadership roles at Eyefi, Yuval drove product strategy and oversaw the company’s Eyefi Connected partnership program, raising both early and late stage capital in support of business growth. Prior to co-founding Eyefi, Yuval was a technical leader within the carrier-class routing group at Cisco Systems and had previously been involved in the development of two generations of scalable server systems at Silicon Graphics. He holds several patents in the areas of storage, networking and computer system architecture.

Co-founder Berend Ozceri

Berend Ozceri


Berend has a long history in cutting-edge ASIC design and software/hardware co-development for systems ranging from complex scalable supercomputers to embedded system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices. Prior to co-founding Eyefi, he was a senior digital design engineer at Atheros Communication where he worked as one of two lead SoC architects of a highly integrated 802.11 MAC and radio chip and where he co-developed a dynamic clock-gating scheme to aid the chip in meeting its aggressive low-power consumption goals.

Co-founder Eugene Feinberg

Eugene Feinberg


Eugene's broad experience in systems design spans complex physical design for ASICs to operating system porting and genetic programming. Prior to co-founding Eyefi, he was at Silicon Graphics where he was involved with the development of the Origin 3000 scalable supercomputer system, and he created a multicontextual cache-coherent processor model that enabled efficient simulation of multiprocessor configuration.

Co-founder Ziv Gillet

Ziv Gillat


Ziv has worked in software design and support for more than 10 years, with experience in digital imaging, color management, printing technologies, storage and high-speed networking. He is also a professional photographer and shoots on-location and in the studio. Ziv's imaging background extends all the way back to PhotoAccess (acquired by Agilent and Seattle PhotoWorks), where he was part of a team creating a digital imaging ASIC integrated into several U.S. and Japanese digital cameras.